Endelig skete det.
NyhederEndelig skete det.

Nu har Casper efter lang tids venten, endelig skrevet under på kontrakten og kan nu kalde sig for fuldtidsproffesionel speedway kører.

Casper har skrevet for Mildenhall fen tigers som ligger lidt nord for London.

Her er en udtagelse taget fra en engelsk hjemmeside:
The Mildenhall Fen Tigers have made an second capture to add to their asset base from Denmark with 19 year old Casper Wortmann signing on the dotted line. He joins fellow countryman Jan Graversen in the new look Fen Tigers line-up for 2008 and looks likely to be lining up in all Danish team partnership in the side. The teenager made a brief visit to the UK last year getting rides at several tracks and is a close friend of Peterborough skipper Hans Andersen. The youngster was watched at one of those after meeting spins by Mildenhall team boss Laurence Rogers , who made a mental note of the rider, “ I remember standing talking to Hans Andersen about the lad in the Wolverhampton pits and noticing that he had good equipment and he looked stylish out on track. When we were looking at our options for a team place he was on my lists but credit to the lad in that he pushed himself into contention by contacting us.”

“I did a bit of homework on him calling Danish team boss Jan Staechmann amongst other to find out a bit more about him and was suitably impressed. After talking to him a deal was agreed very quickly and his signed contract was returned immediately. He is ultra keen to ride in the UK and will be giving up a Polish League spot he had lined up to ride for Mildenhall. He hails from Odense and rode in three leagues last year for Fjelsted in Denmark, Lejonen in Sweden and Rawicz in Poland. He becomes an asset of the club which is good for the future which we are now building for. His keenness to ride for us and the background I found out got him his team spot ahead of several others we were considering and talking to.”

“Fans wanting to view his website – which is in Danish!! – can log into We are trying now to sort out accommodation and workshop facilities for him and he is looking for a sponsor to provide him with a van in the UK so that he can leave his Danish van at home to use for his Danish and Swedish fixtures and anyone who might be able to help can contact me by e-mail at : or by mobile on 07801429304. It is another exciting capture for the club that we will be following up with the announcement of another youngster as a new asset for the Fen Tigers as we start to build for the future. I am quite excited about the way we are structuring the side and fans can look forward seeing some of these young lads develop over the season.”

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